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There is a subtle way to add a touch of glam to your suitcases when you’re travelling around : leather luggage tags. Made with utmost precision and absolutely refined, the Lucrin luggage tag replaces those paper travel tags provided by default at the airport - therefore, it lasts much much longer and is a tad more elegant. Furthermore, the design of the suitcase tag is such that it hides your name and info when it is hooked to your luggage. There is a sumptuous palette of colours available, which is a great thing, as you will be able to spot your luggage on the carousel from afar. That is not all. You may even get a custom luggage tag - or offer it as a gift to someone, by engraving some initials or even a contrasting thread colour for instance.

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    Oval-shaped bag Tag

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    Rectangular Luggage Tag

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    As low as S$37.45 SGD
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    Round Luggage Tag

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    As low as S$85.00 SGD
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    Luxury Luggage Tag

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    As low as S$139.00 SGD
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    Luxury Luggage Tag L5

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    As low as S$169.00 SGD