Luxury Watch Cases

The art of horology.

For 1 & 2 Watches

These customizable watch case and watch box for 1 or 2 watches will add a dash of sartorial elegance to your most prized watches. Customize in bold hues for a grunge chic look or in light tones for amplified sophistication.

For 3 & 4 watches

LUCRIN Geneva’s roomy watch cases flaunt an elegantly streamlined design that will imbue a sense of exclusivity to 3-4 of your exquisite watches. Enduringly chic, these custom leather watch case can be handed down to generations to come along with their containments.

For 6 & 8 Watches

Discover our exclusive 6 & 8 watch cases designed to solve all watch storage limitations of the greatest horologists. A rigid protective shell with a premium microfibre interior safely encloses your luxurious timepieces during your travels.

Luxury Watch Rolls

Equipped with a small riveted strap, our luxury watch rolls can store and protect several of your cherished prices of haute horology. Customizable with engravings, these leather watch rolls will appeal to the sensibilities of everyone.

Elegant Watch Pouches

Store & travel your treasured timepiece investments in our soft watch pouches. Compact and durable, these personalizable watch pouches are ideal options whilst going away on business or holidays

Horology Accessories

Discover complementary watch accessories that spell luxury, elegance and timelessness.

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