iPad mini Case

Protect your iPad mini 6 & 5

LUCRIN has created an unparalleled collection of leather cases for the iPad mini. From the classic sleeve and zippered pouch to our convenient portfolio and folder case, we have the perfect high-end case for you to cradle your device in. Our classic cases are sleek yet sturdy making them perfect for adepts of minimalism to carry their iPad mini 6th or 5th generation The microfibre lining protects the device from dust and scratches. LUCRIN has also designed an innovative and functional accessory for those who like to travel light to work or meetings. Carry all your essentials, such as your phone, pens, notepads and credit cards, along with your iPad in our sophisticated portfolio folder case. Stand out by customising the leather, colour and stitchings of your case and by engraving your name or initials!

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