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Wooden ring box covered with leather. Inside suede leather

SKU HB1014
  • At LUCRIN Geneva, we protect our handcrafted leather products with cotton bags that mirror their quality. An eco-friendly and reusable alternative that is not only protective but also highly versatile.

    • Minimal packaging
    • Recyclable and reusable
    • Organic raw materials
    • Low environmental impact
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Very nice indeed
This is a bit pricey, but I couldn't find anything else out there quite like it. It's exactly what I wanted, I wanted a bigger format, leather/suede box to present a platinum ring in the best possible way. This certainly achieves that. The clip for the ring inside is very firm and beautifully presents the ring, amplifying it's luminosity. I'm very impressed with how it all looks. I can only hope she feels the same way! Haha

The service from Lucrin was ok. I think for the money spent and the length of time it took to make (understandably so) it would have been nice to have more updates on the progress of the order. It wasn't late though, the time they said it would take is exactly how long it took.

It would have just put my mind at ease if they had an update to say it's now being made, it's being packed etc. Not just an order confirmation followed by an email from DHL a month later.

Generally really happy, thank you!

I would highly recommend if you can justify the price.
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