Premium Leather Watch Cases

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Travel Watch Cases

We have elaborated a sumptuous line of watch cases and boxes, all made in our renowned luxury leather. These luxury watches holders are perfect for owners and collectors of high-end timepieces, especially when they are travelling. Several models are presented, depending on how many watches you need to carry: 1, 2, 3 or 4. In each of the watch case for travel, you have a microfibre cushion for each watch, which is then attached to the interior panels of the case - your watches are thus kept steady when you are on the move. The premium leather exterior surface can be complemented with custom options such as the engraving of your initials or a contrasting stitch colour. A great gift idea for luxury watch lovers.

Watch case for 1 watch

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Watch case for 2 watches

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Watch case for 3 watches


Watch case for 4 watches

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